Offers local products, workshops and activities and provides visitors with their ultimate goals: Exploring the beauty of the Alps and finding virtue and recognition through regional products, authentic stories and sustainability. The diverse winter programme offers yoga and meditation classes or ice bathing workshops in the lake of St. Moritz. During the daily opening hours, walk-in guests are welcome to grab a coffee to go and enjoy the homemade cinnamon rolls by Gianottis bakery.

In addition to the regular opening hours and to guarantee privacy and health restrictions, SMM invites guests and families to book a private walk-through:

Experience Your Private Walkaround

The time is now to widen the prestigious image of St. Moritz as an emerging alpine epicenter that is reinventing tradition and creating the new, while respecting its heritage. Through this, we can foster a community where creatives can take their time to fully indulge in nature, art and new ventures.”

- Mario Weichselmann, Founder -

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