Swiss Alpine Museum

Bikini in den Bergen

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This postcard book marks the beginning of a collaboration with the Swiss Alpine Museum. A new volume is published every six months with around 40 detachable postcards, which carry an essential part of the Alpine Museum's collection to the public. The cards are accompanied by an essay describing the respective topic in detail, starting with the photographic estate of the Bruges Art Institute in Meiringen (Bernese Oberland).

For decades, their employees photographed hotel complexes all over Switzerland. This was commissioned photography for advertising purposes. In 2013, the entire inventory of the Kunstanstalt with 97,000 pictures was transferred to the collection of the Alpine Museum. The pictures published here show a selection of swimming pools in the Swiss mountains. Having their own swimming pool ennobled many a hotel and helped to gain an additional star. Artificiality and nature, chlorinated water and views of the Alps come together in these photographs in a very special harmony.

Language: German