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Many of us think getting married is a good idea. But some of the traditional rituals that go with getting married are hard to get used to. The old ceremonies may be too religious or simply no longer fit the complex reality of today's relationship. In response to this dilemma, The School of Life has thought about what an ideal wedding day might look like and has redefined the entire process for modern couples (including those who want to renew their vows).

"By getting married, we accept, that we need a structure that protects us from our impulsive desires. We voluntarily go to prison because we are convinced of the long-term benefits of this situation. "Getting married - The promise of happiness. first proposes new ways of preparing mentally for marriage and how couples can adapt to the often difficult path that lies ahead of them and circumvent predictable cliffs in the love relationship. In the middle of the book is a practical and well-thought-out plan for a modern wedding ceremony, from choosing a suitable location to proposing the wedding vow and other texts.